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Hi! I'm jenny.

From surprise parties and stage management, to overseas events and million-dollar conferences, I've worked events my whole life and in 2018 finally decided to launch that wedding business I had always dreamed of. Love + community + great vibes...I mean, how could you not love weddings?!

With any event I do, I strive to create meaningful experiences that leave guests (and couples) with great memories. In short: I want you to have FUN at your wedding! Don't worry about the timeline, don't stress over leaving a family member in charge of something...leave the details and problem-solving to me so you and your guests can truly enjoy the celebration you've worked so hard to plan. 

You focus on the fun, I'll focus on all the other stuff. Cool?

My personal aesthetic is bright, bold, fun, and eclectic (could you guess?) and I love working with clients to bring their unique designs to life (elegant, romantic, casual, 'picnic in the park with raccoons everywhere'...etc)

Wanna learn even more about me? I'm an open book! Shoot me an email or slide into my DMs. Let's gush about your big day and see how we can work together to make it incredible (warning: I will likely cry at your proposal story).

fast facts
  • Cat person (Lola)

  • World Traveller (favourite country: India)

  • Used to be a comedian (improv, sketch, stand-up, storytelling)

  • As a kid was waaaay into ghosts, paranormal, crystals, psychics, etc

  • Is still into those things, but promises she's cool and level-headed about it

  • (Feel free to tell her your ghost stories, though)

  • First celeb crush: Patrick Stewart
  • Current celeb crush: Older Patrick Stewart
  • Food she could eat every day: tacos
  • Favourite part of weddings: that moment in the back just before everyone walks down the aisle. Goosebumps, tears, and one of the most 'real' life moments anyone could ever experience. 
  • Guilty pleasure: reality tv (she doesn't feel too guilty about it, though)
Gardiner Museum Wedding
yellow headshot.JPG
john & samantha - jenny.jpg

Photo by Brooke Schaal

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