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C+C: A Jam Factory Wedding

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

"So we bought some of those inflatable waving-arm tube men for the ceremony..."

When Cindy and Casey, two wicked-smart, professional, silly goofballs, asked me to help them plan their wedding, I was all-in on their wild ideas and racoon-themed dreams. Aside from knowing which caterer they wanted (Cherry St BBQ), they had nothing else confirmed, so we started with finding a venue since everything else flows from there. The Jam Factory was perfect for what they wanted: a venue with gritty character that would suit a BBQ meal and hold an epic party. Bam! Contract signed! We had a venue. Let's plan the rest.

C+C's style was quirky (okay...maybe Cindy more than Casey). Instead of traditional invites, guests received a raccoon-themed pop-up card with handwritten details. They wanted delicious messy BBQ, which meant we had plastic bibs for guests. We rented antique apothecary bottles and simple greenery for decor which complimented the harvest tables perfectly, and printed a giant custom logo vinyl for the Jam Factory’s chalkboard (free to use when you have an event there!). The Welcome Table had maps, suitcases, stuffed raccoons, and globes to tie in with their love of travel. Each table had framed photos of the bride and groom with the guests who were sitting there, reminding everyone that weddings are really about community.

The wedding was a fucking blast. There were inflatable men scheduled to pop up during the first kiss (it was awesome), a puppy got added into the mix (the Moose of Honour), and the Raptors had a huge game the night of the wedding, so we rigged up a screen last-minute to watch our boys (the DJ, Chris Rythyms, is a huge Raps fan and was happy to help with the tech side). Late-night food was from a favourite local Taiwanese restaurant (whose popcorn chicken I still crave every few weeks), and everyone got to take home stickers of their custom-created logo. It was such a fun night.

I am a very, very lucky wedding planner to have had a couple like them.


Venue: The Jam Factory | Catering: Cherry St BBQ | Photos: Neil Ta | Hair/Makeup: Ford Beauty | Florals: Delta Dawn | Officiant: Joy Johnson | DJ: Chris Rythyms

Late-night: Charadise | Decor rentals: Prop Box TO | Event rentals: Higgins | Ceremony band: Fool Hearts | First look photos: The Broadview Hotel

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