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Weddings should be FUN! The planning process, the big day, even those family photos that drag on and on should be centered around love, laughter, and maybe some really good snacks. At Three Lights, our approach is casual, fun, and compassionate; we take care of all the details so your whole journey can be as stress-free and love-focused as possible. 

Take a peek below for a glimpse into our standard services and shoot me an email to talk about pricing, customizing a quote, and to get all the juicy finer details.
Seriously, there are so many details. 


For couples who have no idea where to start, aren't sure what to do next, want to make sure they're not forgetting anything, or just want to pick the brain of a professional, these 2-3 hour sessions are for you! Let's review timelines, do a brain-dump, and steer you in the right direction.

Elopements + micro Weddings


When it comes down to it, weddings are about two people in love. Everything else is the cherry on top! Intimate weddings and elopements focused on meaningful connections can be special, beautiful, and as involved (or as casual) as you want. The world has flipped on its head and things are trending towards small. Let's work together to make small special.

With a background in adventure travel, contacts all over the world, and extensive experience planning overseas parties, Adventure Weddings combine my two loves perfectly! Get off the beaten track and plan a unique, authentic destination wedding that will dazzle guests and kick off your marriage on an epic foot. Bonus: think of the FOOD!

Full planning + design

Full planning
+ design

Want someone else to take care of the details? Do all the research? Take care of the nitty gritty (and often tedious) admin tasks throughout the entire process? This one's for you.​ 

This is a great package for busy people, out of town couples, or those who just really don't know what the heck they're doing and want to have the easiest, most stress-free wedding planning journey possible.

wedding parade toronto

Photo by Ash Nayler

Partial Planning
+ coordination

With Partial Planning & Coordination, you are still planning the bulk of the wedding, but bring me in to figure out a few pieces you want a hand with. 

This package is really customizable and, admittedly, takes a bit more explaining than a paragraph on a website. Call me and we'll go deeper!

Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding
wedding shoes

Wedding Management
+ Coordination

(aka Month-Of Coordination)

You're the boss! You plan your wedding, and I'm there from the minute you hire me to guide you, make recommendations, and be that professional in your corner to lend an ear.

Around 6 weeks before your wedding we kick it into high gear, and I'll take the reins to make sure you can enjoy. This package is great for anyone who wants to hand everything over to someone else to run the day. You enjoy your wedding, and I get to make sure it all goes smoothly!

Photo by Esther Hollywood

Photo by Life by Selena

Toronto Island wedding


Not getting married? That's okay, neither am I! From corporate retreats to private dinners, employee recognition and million-dollar conferences, I've got years of corporate event experience and love creating moments your clients and colleagues will remember.

Photo by LV  Imagery

custom quotes

Don't see anything there that fits what you're looking for? Give me a shout and let me know what you're looking for. I love building something new and exciting.

wedding details
please give me a shout for pricing, more information, and a customized quote
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